FHA and VA Buyers Come On Down!

Having been a military veteran myself, I love to see buyers take advantage of VA loans. It’s a great 0 down loan with no mortgage insurance.

If one hasn’t been in the military, the FHA loan is a great alternative. One only need 3.5% down, however, does have mortgage insurance to deal with for around five years (check with your loan officer on this). Don’t let mortgage insurance scare you away. Getting into a house with 3.5% down and mortgage insurance is better than waiting for prices to rise while you get the necessary 20% to avoid it all together.

Some complain that being VA or FHA approved gets you nowhere. We beg to differ. It takes the right expectations, due diligence, and proper planning to get a government loan approval accepted. With the right team, you’ll get it done.

If you, or someone you know, is having this problem. Give Steve and Christi Durflinger a call at 925-708-0006. You can also contact us through www.TeamDurf.com.

Talk to you soon and good luck!