Calling The Listing Agent Directly, Do You Think You’re The Only One!

In today’s market, the average listing gets about 3-5 calls from buyers asking to be represented by the listing agent directly.  This is often times a conflict of interest and very hard for a listing agent to tap dance around.

The truth is, a real estate agent can’t be all things to all people.  It’s hard to be great at both sides of the transaction.  Most listing agents who represent Real Estate Owned (REO) accounts have teams of buyer’s agents that work for them.  You’ll get passed off and won’t even realize it happened. 

It’s much better for a buyer to find an agent or agents that focus on being a buying not listing agent.  Who specialize in knowing the markets you wish to purchase in.  Also, that buyer’s agent should be well respected among their pears.  You don’t want to fall into the hands of an agent that is not respected among other agents.  Your offer will never get accepted.

Every buyer is different and have different lending parameters.  Your agent needs to know how to work with VA, FHA, Conventional, or “All Cash” buyers.  It’s important to know how to write your offer so it is appealing to the seller and gets accepted quickly. 

If you’re looking for 2 agents for the price of 1, think of Steve & Christi Durflinger at 925-708-0006 or visit us at for all your real estate needs.

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2 thoughts on “Calling The Listing Agent Directly, Do You Think You’re The Only One!”

  1. Christi Durflinger

    I agree, it’s an angle buyers try and take but everyone is now doing it. A buyer is always better off getting their own representation. In the end, a listing agent with always protect the seller’s interests more than the buyer’s in those kinds of transactions. Thanks for the post!

  2. Christi Durflinger

    Hello Jason,

    Initially, I only received part of your email. We do have a new listing that just came on the market in Martinez. It’s located on the south side of Highway 4. It’s a 4-bedroom, 2-bath home with almost 2,000 sq ft of living space. The home has views of the valley to the east with your very own private pool ready for entertaining. The list price is $449,999 and the seller is motivated. All of our other listings are currently under contract. If you’re interested in viewing the Martinez home, visit our website at Take care, Steve

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